Mindful Ocean Metaverse — Make Art Save Ocean

Mindful Ocean Metaverse
2 min readJan 4, 2024

Mindful Ocean Metaverse is a groundbreaking initiative aligned with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal #14 — Life Below Water. Focused on addressing the urgent crisis facing the world’s oceans, the project leverages blockchain, augmented reality (AR), and artificial intelligence (AI) to build a sustainable ecosystem that encourages art creation for ocean conservation.

Our initiative aims to foster empathy towards marine life by promoting art-making as a means of developing individual mindfulness and social mindfulness. The project’s three social missions are to encourage more people to make art, explore the use of Web3 for social changes, and support conservationists by cultivating empathy.

Our solution encompasses various components and technologies to facilitate a series of art-making events, aiming to foster an active community to raise funds for ocean conservation by making art.

In our art contests, we adopt a unique process that involves an offline AI analysis to determine the Authentic Scarcity of artworks, ensuring a fair and transparent approach to NFT rarity. Artists can be rewarded based on the visual uniqueness of their art. The AR Metaverse feature, powered by Auki Labs, enables users to interact with virtual marine life in our AR Metaverse, fostering empathy through gamified experiences.

The NFT Tokenomic adopted by our project outlines the roles and actions of artists, Web3 users, and conservationists within the Mindful Ocean Metaverse. Partnerships and sponsorships of this project are sought from companies aligned with our social missions, offering opportunities for building brand awareness and engagement for social enterprises. Additionally, the initiative supports educational institutions, scientists, and ocean conservation organizations to co-create content and participate in fundraising events.

Proceeds from our art-making events, along with other sponsorships or donations, contribute to the project’s sustainable ecosystem. The roadmap of the project outlines key milestones for 2024 and 2025, including the launch of real live events, an Android app, and an educational program.

Backed by Yat Siu, an award-winning entrepreneur with a track record in making art and technology more accessible, Mindful Ocean Metaverse strives to make a significant impact on ocean conservation by uniting a global community through the power of art-making.