Open Beta Test of Mindful Ocean Art Contest

Mindful Ocean Metaverse
5 min readMar 21, 2024

About Mindful Ocean Metaverse

Mindful Ocean Metaverse is a community art project with a mission to save our ocean. We use blockchain, AI, and AR technology to empower anyone to take part in ocean conservation by making art. Our NFT art creation events nurture mindfulness and promote creativity, enabling anyone to easily create NFT artworks that simulate marine life in a co-created virtual space — the Mindful Ocean Metaverse. Our goals include encouraging more people to make art, exploring the use of Web3 for social changes, and supporting conservationists by cultivating empathy. Please visit our website to learn more.


This open beta test celebrates the diversity of Butterfly Fish. You can participate in a rewarding art contest, explore our Mindful Ocean Metaverse with your friends, and join a Web3 community with a mission to save our ocean by making art.


A total of US$200 in eGift Cards will be awarded to 4 winners to share.

Extra Prize & Donation

If the number of participants exceeds 500, and in average every participant has submitted more than 3 artworks, the following extra prize, donation, and community event will be unlocked:

  • A total of US$100 in eGift Card will be awarded to 1 additional winner.
  • A total of US$100 in crypto will be donated to an ocean conservation NGO.
  • A dedicated Discord channel will be created to allow our Discord community members to discuss how to allocate the extra prize and donation.

Event Schedule

Who Can Participate in the Art Contest

  • You need to have an iOS device that can install our iOS beta app through TestFlight (An iOS app that you need to install first, which allows you to install our beta app).
  • You need to have a crypto wallet. We recommend you to use a computer with MetaMask installed in Google Chrome.
  • You need to have some MATICS to pay for the gas fee involved.

Important Information for Participants

How to Participate in the Art Contest

  • In our iOS app, create and submit an artwork.
  • On our website, create a Mint Pass using your submitted artwork. The Mint Pass proves that you have submitted an artwork to the art contest.
  • Before the Artwork Submission deadline, you can create as many artwork and Mint Pass as you like.
  • After you submit an artwork, there will be a 4-hour wait period before you can submit another artwork. This encourages you to take a slower pace, practice mindfulness through art-making, and add more details to your design.
  • During the Artwork Evaluation stage, we will select the winners according to the winner selection criteria of the art contest.

How Winners Receive the Prizes

  • During the Prize Distribution stage, we will email the prizes redemption information and the Amazon eGift cards to the qualified winners using the validated email addresses in their user accounts.
  • To be qualified to receive a prize, you must
  • Be a registered user in who has burnt a Mint Pass to redeem a Mindful Ocean NFT that won a prize.
  • Follow @MindfulOceanNFT and @Posemesh X account;
  • Join the official Discord server of Mindful Ocean Metaverse;
  • Share a post on X about your prize won, tagging @MindfulOceanNFT and #MakeArtSaveOcean
  • Send the link of your X’s post to our Admin on the Discord server.

Important Notes about Selling or Buying Mint Passes

  • You can sell your Mint Passes to interested buyers in any secondary markets.
  • When you sell your Mint Pass, your right to receive the prize associated with the Mint Pass is also transferred to the buyer alongside the ownership of the Mint Pass.
  • When buying a Mint Pass in secondary markets, make sure the Mint Pass has
  • a valid Contract Address
  • a valid Token ID
  • a valid Last Updated info
  • For each Mindful Ocean Art Contest, we will post the info of how to identify valid Mint Pass on our Discord server.
  • When you are not sure whether a Mint Pass is valid or not, please send an inquiry to

Winner Selection & Prize Allocation

  • Number of winners: 4
  • Selection criteria:
  • The 4 submissions that have the highest Authentic Scarcity score will become the winners.
  • If there are more than 4 submissions with the highest Authentic Scarcity score, 3 neutral judges will be appointed to select 4 winners based on the following criteria:
  • Creativity
  • Craftsmanship
  • Impact to ocean conservation
  • The eGift Cards in US dollars will be shared to the winners according to the following table:

Authentic Scarcity Score Calculation

  • Perform k-means image clustering for all artworks using an AI image classification model.
  • In each resulting cluster, compute the average value for each image feature, then use k-means clustering again to group similar clusters into superclusters.
  • Compute the average image counts for all clusters (Cm) and all superclusters (Sm)
  • For each image, get the image counts in its cluster (Cn) and supercluster (Sn)
  • Compute the following to get the Authentic Scarcity score:


  • Submissions with an intellectual property breach will be disqualified.
  • Submissions with inappropriate content such as sexually explicit material, profanity, or violence will be disqualified
  • Creators of the disqualified artworks will receive an email, in which the reasons for the disqualification will be provided.


iOS Beta App

TestFlight App


Open beta test guidance

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Technical Support Office Hours & Response Time (Hong Kong Time)

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Monday — Friday: 10:30 am — 12:30 pm

Live chat is not available for the following Hong Kong public holidays
Mar 29 (Fri) — Good Friday
Mar 30 (Sat) — The day following Good Friday
Apr 1 (Mon) — Easter Monday
Apr 4 (Thu) — Ching Ming Festival
May 1 (Wed) — Labour Day

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