Mindful Ocean Metaverse
3 min readJan 16, 2024


Project Vision and Social Missions

Mindful Ocean Metaverse has a vision to protect our ocean through art-making.

We use blockchain, AR, and AI technology to empower anyone to take part in ocean conservation by making art. We organize art-making events and art contests to raise awareness of the ocean crisis, nurture mindfulness, and promote creativity. With our tools, you can easily create NFT artworks that simulate marine life in a co-created virtual space — the Mindful Ocean Metaverse. We empower anyone to become an NFT artist, and use their art to raise funds for conservationists to carry out urgent actions that can save our ocean.

Our vision is also guided by 3 social missions that we want to contribute to.

Encourage More People To Make Art

Many people think art-making is hard. With the advance in generative AI technology, we find that more and more people are giving up on art-making. Many think it is a waste of time to craft an artwork because AI can now generate a piece of decent artwork in a second.

We believe it is important to let more people recognize the value of art-making and its benefits to mindfulness, shifting the emphasis from the product of art-making, to the process of art-making. People are just too focused on the question about whether AI can beat our talents, replacing us. We think what AI could never replace is the creative and stress-relieving process that people can immerse in through art-making. Hence, our first social mission is to encourage more people to make art.

Explore the Use of Web3 for Social Changes

Many believe Web3 is just about profits, but we believe Web3’s true value is to empower social changes. Web3 technology provides the tools for people to decentralize decision-making, enable transparent governance, and protect digital ownership.

Our second social mission is to explore the use of Web3 for social changes, especially in the areas that leverage Web3 technology to foster a community of changemakers for ocean conservation.

Support Conservationists by Cultivating Empathy

We believe the lack of empathy towards marine life is one of the major challenges that conservationists are facing. Even though many scientists, NGOs, and policy makers are working very hard to save our ocean, they may find it hard to get enough people to support their actions.

Our third social mission is to support conservationists by cultivating empathy. We leverage the power of art-making and Web3 technology to help conservationists reach the hearts of their audience.

Solution Overview

At the heart of our solution is a co-created virtual space that empowers you to raise awareness and funds for ocean conservation, using your creativity. The virtual space is also an open metaverse where you can access via blockchain technology, and interact with other community members through multiplayer AR technology. In our fundraising art contests, we use AI to ensure content safety, and determine the scarcity of our NFT collections co-created by our contest participants.

NFT Standards

All NFTs in our project follow the ERC-721 standard, and are deployed on the Polygon blockchain network. Polygon (formerly Matic) is more environmentally friendly than traditional blockchains due to its use of the proof-of-stake (PoS) consensus mechanism. Unlike energy-intensive proof-of-work (PoW) systems, PoS doesn’t rely on resource-intensive mining. Validators are chosen based on the tokens they hold and “stake” as collateral, eliminating the need for energy-consuming computations. This significantly reduces Polygon’s energy consumption and carbon footprint, making it a sustainable and eco-friendly blockchain network.

Multiplayer AR

Our multiplayer AR technology is powered by Auki Labs, which provides us with the groundbreaking technology that enables collaborative spatial computing. It allows you to interact with your friends and the virtual marine animals in our AR Metaverse together.

AI Usage

We use an offline AI algorithm to determine the uniqueness of each artwork in our art contests. We also leverage AI to enable users in our AR Metaverse to interact with virtual marine life through hand gestures. During the artwork submission process in our art contests, we also use AI to facilitate the filtering of inappropriate content.